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Solusi untuk [ERROR] Can not open directory for URI: /!

Ooops Error Found

Tadi habis pindahan blog, ternyata blog tidak bisa di akses dan muncul error:

“[ERROR] Can not open directory for URI: /!”

Abis googling baru ketemu akar masalahnya dan ternyata ini masalah folder permission alias chmod nya, dimana file permission root folder blog nya tidak benar. Seharusnya di setting ke 755 tapi ter-setting ke setting selain 755.

“[ERROR] Can not open directory for URI: /!” ini juga bisa disebabkan oleh file owner dari folder root blog, namun berhubung kasih yang menimpaku adalah kasus file/folder permission, maka untuk masalah ini aku gak tahu solusinya.

Untuk setting file permission, bisa pake file manager dari cpanel atau bisa juga pake web ftp services seperti

Silahkan dicoba dan semoga berguna :)

Gathering Nasional JisPortal 2014

Sejak pertama kali mengikuti Gathering JisPortal tahun 2009, aku ngerasa selalu menyenangkan saat bisa menghadiri Gathering Nasional (GathNas) Jisportal yang diadakan hampir setiap tahun. Pada tahun ini (2014), kebetulan Gathnas Jisportal diadakan (lagi) di Jogjakarta tepatnya di Hotel Grand Zuri pada tanggal 25 s/d 27 April 2014.

Gathnas kali ini diikuti “lumayan” banyak peserta, total ada sekitar 60 orang peserta yang berasal dari berbagai pelosok Indonesia dengan berbagai bidang keahlian dan “jurusan” di bisnis online. Dari sekian banyak peserta, hampir 70% adalah “wajah-wajah” baru alias aku belum pernah ketemu sebelumnya. Aku berharap semoga mereka tidak “kapok” dan Gathering kali ini bukan merupakan Gathering pertama dan terakhir bagi mereka.

Sesuai dengan “tradisi” di JisPortal dari jaman Gathering pertama hingga saat ini, memang tidak ada istilah Workshop.


Best Spa Software for Successful Spa Business Management

Milano Spa Software

An expert mode in France once ever said that women would rather to choose to reduce their lunch budget than reducing their budget for beauty care and buying clothes. That statement was presented in connection with the global crisis that threatens most of the countries in the world. It means that women will continue to allocate spending money to take care of her beauty despite being haunted by the financial crisis.

The wise way that usually they do is looking for alternative beauty treatments that are less expensive but safer than having to go to the popular and expensive beauty center. Actually, they realize that they have to downsize their expense, but they think that always look beautiful is important and an obligation that cannot be abandoned.


Vertex Automotive for Porsche Parts in Best Price

Porsche Parts Accessories

For those of you who own the porsche vehicles in your garage, I’m very sure that you are surely realized that searching and buy any Porsche spare part right now is rather difficult, especially if you have a Porsche vehicle with specific specification or limited edition. So that’s why you have to be really careful in choosing the one with quality and in accordance with the specifications of our Porsche vehicle.

Yes, search for buying any Porsche spare parts will require an understanding of a wide range of Porsche spare parts products in accordance with the type of your Porsche car. This is not a problem if in your area there are a lot of auto parts stores that sell original Porsche spare parts with original quality.


Laser Hair Removal for Effective and Permanent Unwanted Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Are you among those who have problems with unwanted excess hair? If yes then you can try the laser hair removal method as the best solution for your problem. But, before you try it, it would be better for you to firstly understand about what is laser hair removal? Laser hair removal is a technique of irradiation with a very bright light in a short time to remove the hair in the desired area, such as legs, arms, underarms, and bikini line. The light energy is absorbed by the dark color of hair and transformed into heat energy which is channeled to the hair roots. The result, hair growth will be stalled until the fall.

Maybe you are wondering about how hurt if you using this technique?


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